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What it’s like to work with an Ayurveda Health Coach

As an Ayurvedic Health Coach, my mission, my passion, is to help you feel better and empower you to become your own healer. When you’re overwhelmed, exhausted or depressed, it can be difficult to make changes. And with so much health information available to us now, navigating the options can be tough. Or it might be easy to start but hard to stay committed long enough to see truly transformative changes. Having extra support can be the key to overcome these challenges. That’s where I come in! Part educator, part medicine woman, my role as an Ayurvedic Health Coach is to see the big picture of your health and well-being and provide the map and tools to get you where you want to be. First, we define your wellness goals and figure out whats keeping you from getting there. Then, we create a plan tailored to your dosha that gently brings you back into balance.

Introductory Package

For new clients, I provide an initial package that includes 2 sessions for $275. Here’s what you can expect:

Visit 1: Initial consultation

My goal is to get to know your complete health history and understand your current health and wellness challenges. Before the visit, I provide a thorough questionnaire for you to fill out. We discuss your answers during your first visit and I also take your pulse, observe your physical characteristics, observe your tongue and do a basic physical examination. This information provides me with the data I need to determine your core doshas (prakriti) and your imbalances (vikruti), as well as put together a treatment plan tailored to your unique situation. This and all work is overseen by my supervisor, Amanda Lyon. This initial consultation is very thorough and takes 1.5-2 hours. You will leave with initial recommendations to implement.

Visit 2: Plan presentation and trajectory appointment

This is the meat-and-potatoes visit. Based on your information from the initial visit, I explain what your doshas are and how they apply to your imbalances. I share foundational information on Ayurveda that is useful to understand your assessment and to apply to your treatment plan. We cover your results from previous recommendations, discuss challenges and add on additional recommendations for you to work on. This appointment takes place 1-2 weeks after the first visit and is about 1 hour long. You will leave with recommendations for things to do and purchase (i.e. herbs, floral essences, essential oils).

BONUS: One Reiki Session

I include a reiki session in the initial package as an extra treat to help reduce stress and make you feel good! It’s easier to do the work of self-transformation when you feel more relaxed.


Coaching Packages

Using the information from your introductory sessions, we will use the time-tested framework of Ayurveda to build healthy habits to get you to your goal and get you back to equilibrium. 

Coaching plans focus on:

  • Nutrition & food habits: what, where, when, why and how you eat
  • Digestion: treating digestive troubles
  • Daily habits: optimizing your energy throughout the day
  • Sleep: getting better sleep, treating insomnia
  • Stress: looking at habits around work, screens, information consumption, self-talk
  • Relationships: bringing more love and connectedness into your life
  • Extra tools: herbs, essential oils, body therapies, flower essences, self-massage

The coaching packages on  focus on education, support and deepening your treatment plan. We track the progress of your symptoms and the success and challenges of your homework. Lots of support and cheerleading are provided!

  • 5 in-person sessions (1 per month)
  • 5 phone sessions (1 per month)
  • Unlimited email
  • 2 reiki sessions

Ready to find out more?

Have questions or ready to get started on upleveling your health?  Visit my Work with Me page.

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